7 random facts about myself

So I'm kindly tagged a blog award by em-illi a wonderful photoblogger. Thank you em-illi :-)
The award is of 7 random facts about myself
Not sure if I have anything interesting but it may help you know me more?
I'm a very quiet person. When I was young, I was always asked why I kept being silent and I really thought it's my weak point. I'm still quiet now but I don't have trouble socializing anymore.
I have a passion for books, not only on reading term but also in physical way. I love the feeling of holding a book in my hand, leafing through paper pages, examining details of cover, font, layout or illustrations. I even love the scent of some paper :-)

no. 3
I wear glasses since I was in second grade. I also have a symptom called night-blindness, which makes me uncomfortable going out at night :-P
I can be very forgetful and hardly remember my childhood details.
I learned many foreign languages; English, French, Spanish, Japanese but can only manage English :-(
I spent 5 years in Seattle studying design, the best years of my life. Still missing the rain there.
I dream of having a book published written and designed and illustrated by myself one day.
That's it! Hope you know me more :-D