Birthday girls, FREE SHIPPING and the bookmark

I have great news for you today!

First, I have finished my Birthday Cute Cake Girl!
It has been some time since I posted the sneak peek of this girl. I thought a lot of this piece, torn between making it large size or mini card. I think postcard size would be more appropriate for birthday sending but I also like the idea of mini card.

So, I decided to do both :-P However, the mini will come later.
This birthday girl postcard comes first and is already on my MerryDay shop and she has a friend, the cupcake girl! Do you like her?

Actually, I thought of having only the birthday girl. Then I drew the cupcake one and couldn't help falling in love. They look so lovely together. So, I put them as a duo.

As if it's not enough, I added the pretty borders on top and bottom. It was some kind of experiment. I had never used this kind of craft scissors before and it was pretty hard to manage. But I like the result though. What do you think?

Now you can tell how much I enjoyed doing these pieces and I hope you like them too.

And if you like them, I say you should think about buying these cards now because...

Here the second news! ...from now I will give the first 8 buyers FREE SHIPPING plus my 'Home Sweet Home' FREE BOOKMARK, which looks like this:

These bookmarks I drew, printed and die-cut myself. Hope they would be great Thank You gifts for those who support my creativity :-)

By the way, do you think these photos look too dark? I have problems with photo shooting lately. Need to learn more about it!

Thank you for stopping by and your comments will make my day merry!
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