work in progress

work in progress

I'm back! :-) and these are mini cards I have planned to do since last month but was interrupted by my work.
2 weeks of book layout and I really missed my little cute girls :-)

This card measures about 7x11 cm. I wanted to make it smaller, to make it really mini but was afraid that it would lose the details. So, here they are.

Since these are not in standard size, I have to make envelopes by hand. This reminds me of the time in art school when I did a lot of handmade stuffs. My hands were pretty sure on cutting and measuring. Now I do my work digitally. Everything is viewed and sent through email and I don't have to do mock ups anymore. Without practice, my hands get stiff and even simple envelope making feels awkward to me.

Anyway, I enjoy doing this little pieces and it will be on my shop very soon along with my b-day girl here

Thanks for stopping by and have a merry day!
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