The Sketchbook Project 00

The Sketchbook project01

I was pretty bored that day. Everything was so gloomy and annoying. Then I found this sketchbook in my mailbox and I knew I would have less time to be bored.

This sketchbook doesn't come for free. You have to participate in this project It comes like this, you order a book then choose a theme (mine is A Day in the Life) and wait...wait...wait until the book arrives to your mailbox. That's the starting point of your creative journey, or so I hope. Draw, write, paint or construct anything as you like as long as it can be folded up nicely in the original size. Then pack and mail your journey to the project guys and they will take your book on tour. Pretty nice, isn't it?

My main goal for this project is to push me to draw more, to think more and hopefully to give myself a boost in creativity. It has a chance of ending up the most lousy sketchbook as much as the greatest one. Whatever it may turn out, I'm enjoying it already :-)

Click on the image below to check out their site if you are interested.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011