What I am doing now...

What I am doing now : Halloween project

This image is a little out of focus , sorry. It's a nighttime photo shooting which I'm not very good at.

I generally don't work on computer at night because the neon light hurts my eyes. But since I am going to be busy with my work again, I'm afraid I couldn't do this at daytime. Making things at night once in a while shouldn't hurt too much, I hope.

After making several items for my shop I found that the difficult part of this work is to figure which format I would like my drawings to be in. There's so many thing to consider. I love making cards but it seems that having various kinds of paper goods should be a good idea and I'm beginning to enjoy it too :-)

For this drawing set, I'm still thinking whether I should make it a sticker sheet or a cut-out sheet for scrapbook.
Hmm...I'm still pretty slow on deciding things ;-P

What do you think?
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