AEDM2010 : Colors on Black

color on black

I never thought I would be addicted to blogging. It's Saturday. I went out for a nice lunch with my family, shopped for things (including a set of water color paints, I have never painted water color since school time, we will see what I come up with soon :-) and came home thinking about book I read last night. Then, I just automatically turned on my computer, checked my blog posts with nice comments (thank you!) and totally forgot about the book and did this little drawing instead :-)

I have always wanted to do colors on black paper. This one I used color pencils. (I'm wondering how water color will look like on black paper too but that will be another project.) I didn't have any actual ideas in mind, I just drew it (I use this phase a lot with my Sketchbook Project :-) It turns out to be something I always draw anyway.

Now I'm curious, what do you see in this drawing? Please tell me.