AEDM2010 DAY01 : Let it be a creative month ^-^

It's November now and I determine to make this month my productive month.
I was a bit afraid to commit myself to any challenge as I had already failed on my doodle-a-day project last year :-( Then I visited Missy's blog and read her post about AEDM 2010 : Art Every Day Month Challenge. I thought it wouldn't hurt if I try again :-)

This challenge urges you to stay creative. The word 'art' is loosely defined here and I really like that because art can really be anything in my opinion. I even consider things that make you feel happy or think in positive ways (even when you don't do anything) as art. It can be photography, painting, drawing, writing, crafting etc. My art certainly is drawing which I do everyday but often distracted by books or blogs so that I don't diligently make proper illustration as I should have. I just hope that this challenge will help me focus more.

So, this is my first day for the challenge (I did these yesterday but didn't have time to post) These little mini cards come from doodles I did days before.





It seems that my works are getting smaller. I think my illustration looks cuter in mini format (please tell me if you think differently). These mini cards are for sale on my shop. If you are interested, you can read details by clicking the links below.

FREE SHIPPING Set of 7 Little Hatty mini cards illustration by MerryDay on Etsy

FREE SHIPPING Set of 7 Little Flower mini cards illustration by MerryDay on Etsy

Also, if you notice, I have put buttons of projects I try to participate on sidebar. One of them is PiBoIdMo2010 : Picture Book Idea Month In short, this challenge is about creating 30 picture book ideas in 30 days. I don't intend to be a picture book writer but as a fan of picture books, I think it will be inspiring just to see how writers or artists work with their ideas.

So, let it be a creative month, this November !