I Like : Chanyeevon's lovely bookplates

♪ lu~la~la~lu ♪

I love the sky.. especially the passing clouds that look like a curious baby whale

I enjoy the beauty.. of million lonely fireflies above the deep blue velvet sky

I listen to the rain.. tapping outside my window on a Sunday morning

Above is what Chanyeevon, the creator of these wonderful bookplates, says in her Etsy profile page. I think it's beautiful and represents her work very well. Go and look around her shop and you will know what I mean :-)

This could be considered as a new year gift I bought for myself :-) It took me some time to choose which one I wanted the most. Actually, I was considering some cute bookplates from Yeevon's other shop, WhimsyWhimsical where you have to visit too, what adorable rabbit and fox drawing! I was torn between the beauty of these girls and cuteness of the fox, finally the girls won :-)

I love her illustration, especially her choice of colors, very unique. The blue-haired girl, I think her name is Luna, makes me think of a peaceful night, sitting under the dark blue sky sprinkled with tiny stars and feeling nice cool breeze. Just wonderful...

Yeevon is also kind enough to give me extra bookplates of her whimsywhimsical's owls and rabbits, Love love them! Thanks Yeevon, you inspire me! ^-^

And you gota love her cute little Thank You card!

*A little update : come and take a look at Yeevon's beautiful unicorn here, took my breath away :-)