say hi...


Say Hi Balloon Notecard


Have a Merry Day Lettering Notecard

Glad you enjoy my post of Stylish Blogger Awards :-) Those who are on my love list, please tell me when you post about it.

How was everyone's weekend? I spent my two days trying to finish my Sketchbook Project (will update the whole batch tomorrow) and making 2 new notecards for my shop. My mind has been occupied with the shop lately. It seems that there are so many things I have to learn and figure out how to improve and make sales. I try not to get overstressed and balance it with my other things. But yesterday I got a feeling like one of my drawing here that I have million ideas going on in my head and I don't seem to catch up with them all!

Anyway, what do you think about my notecards? I try to create more of my lettering design. Have fun doing it!

I'm off to finish my Sketchbook now :-)

By the way, I think I will change my Book beauty Monday to some other day because I always want to talk about something else on Monday :-P