sketchbook : new theme


So now I'm beginning a new sketchbook. This time I prepared the book first. I use the same kind of book which is Moleskine cahier. The downside of this cahier is that its paper is very thin so I have to back up every other pages to make it thicker. My Sketchbook Project has all kind of different colored paper sheets. But for this book, I choose to limit only yellow, brown, gray and black :-)

As for the theme, I first thought of 'nature', something that I always enjoyed drawing but it might be too familiar already so I thought about 'birds', which I rarely drew and wanted to practice drawing. Then one of my MerryDay FB page's friends, Susi Art suggested this theme of 'friendship'. I think the idea is very interesting and challenging. So, here my first page of the new sketchbook.

Now, do you want to join me in building this book? I'm looking for nice, cute or funny quotes about friendship to draw. Just tell me your favorite quotes or your own words and I will draw for you!

My most favorite quote right now is:

"A good friend will always stab you in the front." — Oscar Wilde.

This is not nice nor cute but quite funny and definitely true!