Sweet me ?

Sweet Me Flower Girl card design

I have been quite busy with my work this week and will be so next week too with the Chinese New Year Day added to it :-). I think what is challenging to me right now is how to balance all the things I want to do (work, Etsy, sketchbook) properly and productively. I try to create at day when there's enough natural light for me to work on computer without stressing my eyes. Communicate at night when I can just sit back and enjoy all the beautiful blogs and sites. I still think I haven't visited and commented all of your blogs often enough though. Will try harder. I love the feeling of commenting and getting feedback. ^-^

I have just added this new illustration card in my shop. It comes from a doodle I drew last November The doodle was done in red and blue lines, which I really like but I also wanted to see the flower in color too :-) I always like pastel pink. The color gives me a feeling of fresh air and sweet moments or rose tea. Something innocently romantic :-)

I think 'Thinking of You' is an appropriate caption for this design, but I like this 'Sweet me' better. It sounds like cute and friendly 'tweet me' :-) What do you think?

You can find my card here : Sweet Me Flower Girl card

It's Saturday already. The weather is a bit cool this morning and I feel like doing nothing all day!

Hmm...this post seems written incoherently, sorry about that. Somehow my head is so foggy that I cannot even take in a good news that comes in my mail this morning :-)

Better get up and do some exercise to clear my head now.

Thanks for coming. I wish you a merry day :-)