Baby Duck Bath bookplate and stickers



Two more items I have just added on my shop. Baby Yellow Duck personalized bookplate and Yellow Duck Stamp Stickers.

I love making bookplates. I feel happy when someone buy it and has it personalized with someone else's name. It reminds me of my best friend who bought me Barnes & Noble's gift voucher. With such book-related gifts, what else could make book lovers happier?

The stamp sticker is another thing that I enjoy doing. It requires more labor in the cutting part. Have I told you yet that all my items are homemade? I print everything from my Epson printer and cut and make envelopes by myself. This way I can control color quality and I can experiment with different kinds of paper easily.

Anyway, I used to collect stickers years ago and before that when I was a kid, my sister, my brother and I had a bedroom door full of stickers. You know...the way kids put stickers on their stuffs but we had the whole door panel! It's very pretty, I have to say, with all colorful stickers attached neatly on the panel by my sister.

I moved out from that house some twenty years ago. My cousin's family stays in that house now and the door is still there. Sometimes, I just think that we should have brought that door with us too. It's an art piece and our childhood memory :-D

There will be more stamp stickers coming in this 10 Million Love collection If all goes well, I plan to have more stamp design because I really love the format and the words, 10 Million Love, don't you?

Thanks for coming and commenting. I may be a bit quiet but I'm still here :-)

As always, have a merry day!