One World One Heart giveaway!


Last week my lovely friend, Conell sent me a link of this wonderful event called One World One Heart. I am really excited about this. It sounds interesting and fun. If you haven't heard about it yet. Go to the link and see the details :-)

So, I'm participating in One World One Heart now. For those who already follow my blog, this will be an official introduction of me and a fresh hello to those who come here for the first time :-)

Here we go, My name is Pavinee (aka MerryDay or pilarcat in the cyber world). I'm a Thai graphic designer living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. English is not my mother language so if you find mistakes in my posts, feel free to tell me. It's one of my purpose to have a blog anyway, to practice English :-)

I'm a freelancer working at home. I work mostly on book design, layout and book cover. It's not until a couple of years ago that I realized I wanted to work in illustration field too. So, I started a blog called 'In Search of My Style' doing just like the title said : searching for my own illustration style. It's kind of struggling year for that blog. But after posting on and off, I gradually learned what I wanted to draw. That blog name doesn't exist now because I think I have found my style already :-)

It's not the end of the journey though. I still have to learn more to improve my design and illustration skill. Having this blog helps me a lot, your kind comments just keep me going :-)

I think that would be all. It's already a long post. Don't want to make you bored.

And here comes the exciting part, the door prize (or a giveaway). What I have prepared for the lucky winner is these :



A set of this cute label design I'm working on. The lucky winner will receive:
• 12 merry round stickers as seen above (6 blue and 6 orange)
• 24 merry girl label stickers as seen above (12 blue and 12 orange)
All designed, printed and hand cut by me :-)

The drawing comes from my daily doodles. I never tried printing on colored sticker paper before. It's kind of a new experiment. At first I thought about my illustration prints but something practical might be more interesting :-) You can use these as address labels, in gift wrapping. Put it on cookie jar, small organizing boxes. Anything, just enjoy!

Want to play? The only rule is you have to be an active blogger whose blog I can visit and share comments. That's the purpose of this event: to meet new friends through blogging. Just leave me a comment here. Tell me anything you want. Make sure to leave me your contact email or blog link so that I can find you if you get lucky. The winner's name will be announced on February 17.

Thanks for coming. Looking forwards to know you more.

Have a merry day and good luck! :-D

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