Sweet green beginning?

green apple

This week is a week of Chinese New Year Day. So...Happy Chinese New Year Day! I wish you all good luck, good health and wealth! :-D

These apples are among fruits we have for celebration. The color looks so fresh and 'green'. I guess I could say that it's the color of the new beginning, the color of Spring which I can tell some of you can't wait to meet after such heavy winter :-)

Thanks so much for your comments for my previous post. I'm still struggling with finding my balance. I thought it was my laziness that everything didn't seem to move. But after thinking about it more seriously, I found that I already tried hard to create things. My true problem is time management. I think if I can find my own strategy in managing time, my creative work, for both my work and my shop, should be much much better.

For this problem, I was suggested to use a timer. Set myself some specific time to create for my shop or to promote via twitter or FB each day. It could be 20-30 minutes or an hour that I have to really focus on my creativity and do nothing else. The trick is I have to stop immediately when the timer goes off. That way, I will be more eager to begin again in the following day.

This is not a new idea. I used the timer for a time when I had problems with my eyes. I set the time to remind me to get away from computer every hour to save my eyes. But I forgot to use it constantly :-( Need to make it a habit now!

And I think I need to schedule blog posts in advance too. So that I wouldn't feel guilty when I don't have new post!

How about you? How do you manage your time? I know some of you have full-time job and kids, I am always amazed to see those who can manage successfully with kids running around!

Thanks for coming, I promise to be more disciplined. Poke me if I'm not!:-D