Butterfly Girl Sketch


Initial sketch for my new drawing collection. This is in a quite slow progress as I do it along with updating my web site. This style may look quite different from what I have done so far for my shop. It's not new to me though. I have drawn similar girls since I first started my art study.


This is the very first drawing I did when I applied for art school. The original one is hand drawn on a large drawing sheet (not sure where it is now), then I drew it again on computer. Since it's done digitally and I had limited knowledge of Illustrator program's function at the time, the drawing looks so dry to me now.


Here is another one. I think I did this for Illustration Friday on the topic of 'Mysterious' some years ago. I did some more of this style after that. Then I dropped it.

Now I find that I still enjoy sketching this kind of drawing and I think it would be great if I can incorporate this with my current sketching style. So, I'm working on it now.

Let's see what I can come up with :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a creative day! :D