Draw Don't Drown


Bad news for you. Well, actually, it's for me who live in Thailand.

Right now we, Thai people, have been suffering the big flood crisis for several months already. Many provinces from north to central part of Thailand have been flooded since August. Some area has recovered, some are still living in water. This big flood is part of natural disaster and part of human mistakes. It's too complicated for me to explain the latter part. I can only say that right now there's a huge amount of water traveling down and through Bangkok, the capital city where my place is.

Sounds scary? Yes, it does. But the situation is not completely unmanageable. We are unfortunate to have lousy, stupid and selfish government but at least we have the strength of local communities, volunteer spirits and a great help from our army. We are going through difficult time and although I'm not sure when and how the flood will visit my place, I have a strong feeling that we can make it and that's why I'm still here writing this post.

During this hard time, volunteer helps and fund are very important to flood victims, we have several fund-raising projects going on around the country, in real world and in cyberspace, both inside and outside of Thailand. I try to participate as much as I can and the image above is one of my contributions for a project called Draw Don't Drown.

Draw Don't Drown is a postcard design projects to aid Thailand against flood crisis. Basically, people from around the world can participate by creating any kind of visualization in postcard size to be produced as fund-raising postcards. There are lots of beautiful images over there on the facebook page to browse through and if you are interested to buy or help. please take a look at the project's info page.

I have to say that raising fund is important but it's not as important as all the spiritual support we have received here :)

There are two more images I did for this project, I will post them here very soon.

Thanks for coming I hope you have a merry day today!

By the way, I haven't thought and written in English for some time, my apologies if my English here makes you confused :(