Revamping MerryDay : work in progress

MerryDay work in progress

I think I need to share more of my work progress for my shop now. I thought I would keep everything to myself until I could have something complete to show in public. But on second thought, posting something unfinished might be a good way to push myself to work harder. :)

Here is a flower design I'm working on. I generally sketch ideas with ink or pencil on paper first. Then scan in and trace in Illustrator program. This one is a bit different though. I drew right onto the program based on initial pencil sketches in my book. The idea is to have something sweet, swirly and fresh. The challenging part is color selection. I always struggle when it comes to coloring part. I prefer using 2-3 colors in my work if I could. Too many different colors confuse me and it would take me a long time to finish it.

I'm pleased with this drawing's color scheme so far but can't help wondering how I could make it more unique. I just have to keep trying and learning. :)

Talk about color learning. I have found some blogs that could be helpful in term of color study.

Orange you lucky is my most favorite illustration and pattern blog. The artist, Helen Dardik, is a genius in choosing colors. You have to look at her gorgeous pattern designs. They are all amazing :D

Emma Lamb's blog is also one of my favorites. She has a good sense in color coordination and I really love her crochet handmade.

I found a creative mint through Blogging Your Way e-course. This blog is very beautiful and you can read posts by color. Interesting.

That's it for today. We will see what I come up with tomorrow :)

Now for the PiBoIdMo day 2 : The Demon Grim captures Rainbow princess and put her in a high tower, how can Brave Prince rescue her?