Book Beauty Monday : The Little Red Hen


I had never heard of Little Golden Books until I found some pretty picture books on Etsy and learned that some people collected books that marked the name. I love the classic-style illustration. It really made me think of my childhood when my father would take me to bookstore every Sunday and we would come home with one or two beautiful picture books. I wonder if those books we bought might be ones of this collection.

So, I was very excited when I spotted the distinctive gold spine on my favorite bookstore's shelf some years ago. The color combination of this story, The Little Red Hen. is really beautiful. The illustration is done by J.P. Miller. Really love this Illustrator's style, I can keep looking at his work all day. His work has a special kind of style that I rarely see in this present-day picture books. I'm not an expert in this field, just have a feeling that it looks different.

Love the colors, love all the details and I wish I could draw something like this one day :)