My messy workspace and my passion

my messy worksace

While I was typing this post, it suddenly occurred to me that a photo of super messy workspace might not be a good idea. It's the truth anyway. I love looking at other artists' workspaces. It's strange that the messier a workspace is, the more in awe I will be. It tells you everything, focus, hard work, creativity and passion.

A few days ago I read a lovely post about passion written by Elizabeth from Lizzysapronstrings. In the post, she asked 'what is your passion?' The question made me think. I have always known that I love drawing, I love reading. They are two things that I cannot live without. But did I love them enough to make it the main part of my life?, I didn't. I found that in the past, I didn't have enough passion to make my art. There was always procrastination, I'm-too-busy, I'm-not-ready sort of things all the time. I was not busy, I was just not passionate enough to make it happen.

Two weeks ago I was offered a chance to do a small art project. It's not a paid project but I had a sense that it would bring me something. And it did. A lot of ideas came to me while I was doing the work. All of them could be applied in making new items for my shop. I realized that everything I do now I always relate to my MerryDay, instinctively.

I also notice that lately I put less things off when it comes to my art. Being exhausted is not my excuse anymore. I stay up late and wake up early with less drowsiness during the day. More focus, more concentration. I feel good. Can I say I have found my passion?

I think I do. The next question is : does passion have an expiry date?

We'll see :)