With the Line of Fear in between...

MerryDay studio

I woke up this morning thinking about my creative life.

Some days ago someone on my facebook feed said hello to her first day of creative life. She had been working in illustration field for some time already but I guess not in a way she wanted it to be. I think I understand what she felt when she wrote the status. I think about myself and realize I am still standing in between two worlds.

Last year I made a decision to put all my focus to my MerryDay brand. It's really in an initial step but I feel the need to make it official at least to me. I changed my career status on my facebook profile from 'freelance graphic designer and illustrator' to 'creator of MerryDay'. Such a silly and unnecessary small step but it has a huge effect on me. I reduce my freelance job and concentrate more on my drawings for my MerryDay.

I thought I was not afraid but maybe I still am. It's funny. Freelance job is not a stable job but the fact that I know for sure how much I would earn when I have a project seems more comfortable than making art which you love but not sure if it's going to sell. Like I said above, I am still standing one leg in my somewhat secure world, the other in my love-but-yet-unknown future with the line of fear in between.

Will I pull my other leg back? You know for sure I won't and I guess that's a good news. What I need to do now is to find strength to cross the line and stand strong in my challenging world.

I know there are so many of you out there who are afraid of something but still want to take a risk anyway. It would be wonderful if you leave a comment of your experience here :)

I have already written a draft about what I'm working on and will post it here very soon.  If you want to know how my creative journey goes, you can follow me through my MerryDay fan page. That's where I am most of the time.

Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you have a merry day :D