Work in progress and my new personalized bookplates

Work in Progress : green orange happy girl

After talking about my style in previous post and got some feedback via this blog, facebook and twitter. I realized that I completely thought too much :) The reason that I was nervous because I was afraid that if I had various styles, it would hurt my shop's overall look. Then all the feedbacks just pulled me back to the fact that I didn't open the shop for money only. My main goal is to develop my drawing skill as well as business senses. What I need to do right now is to create my art as much as possible. With love and fun. As long as I'm having fun with whatever I'm drawing, that should be enough. Style is actually changing as we keep practicing. It's kind of exciting too to see how my art will look like next year, or years to come :)

The image above is what I'm working on right now. A happy design for notecard set. I have already printed out and almost put it for sale, but then I thought maybe the black ribbon on the top looked too heavy? I need to think of lighter and cheerful colors for that part before finalize it and add to the shop :).

Meanwhile, I have just added some cute personalized bookplates on the shop. It's nice to have my name on the bookplate I myself designed. Sounds silly, doesn't it? :)

Thanks for coming. I hope you have a merry day. :D

Personalized bookplate : Merry Girl Admiring Nature

Personalized Bookplate : Smiley Dolphin dancing with Little Mermaid