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MerryDay bear hug card

My bear hug card. This card is one of my Love is... collection and one of my favorite :) The drawing is actually what I doodled during work. I love when I want to draw something without thinking much  then suddenly some image flashes in my head and I have a lovely drawing! What do you call it? Intuition? instinct? I don't know but I really love that flash :)

This bear drawing is one of those flashes (which unfortunately don't happen that often :P) I don't just imagine the look of this Mr. Bear though. He is actually here :

my bear at home

I bought this little bear in one of those blue days. I hadn't bought any dolls for a long time and I felt so silly walking around this cute little thing wondering if I should buy it. When I finally took it to the cashier I was afraid people might think I was too old for doll play. I actually prepared an imaginary answer in case someone asked me that this doll would be for my niece! How crazy I was!

But it's a good purchase. The bear is so cute and I feel happy every time I hold him. I wish I could draw him as adorable as he actually looks!

The card is available on my shop and I have this design as limited edition notebook too :)