Sunday Sketch and Day 117 of my 365 days I draw :)


My Sunday Sketch :) This is also Day 117 of my 365 Days I Draw project (the whole album is on my flickr and facebook but I plan to build a proper place for this project in the future :)The topic is SMILE.

What would come to your mind when you think of the word 'smile'? I generally think of happiness (of course) but it seems too abstract and it's very difficult to draw a feeling. You can draw something and make people smile but you cannot draw 'happiness' itself. I think it's not that important though. People seem to struggle to find happiness but I have realized that it's always around. It's just that we have to let ourselves 'feel' it. That's all.

We can feel happy that we have a place called home, a family to share love, friends to share inspirations, body and mind that don't get sick--all the little things in life. Sometimes we can get heart-broken or have a hard time struggling to reach our goals. But it's just part of the life. As long as we have previous 'little things', we can just still be happy :)

That's the idea behind this drawing. Not sure if I explain it clearly enough. Just smile to yourself, feel it and maybe your gloomy day will look a bit brighter :)

Thanks for coming. Hope you have a merry day!