Today I feel grateful for...

Merrysketch : Paint Your Day :)

Today I feel grateful for :

• A healthy-glowing look on my father's face. I have moved out to live with my husband and try to go back home to visit my parents every week. Still, I always feel a bit guilty not to be around. My father is already 80 years old. It's good to see him always in good health :)

• Deciding to stop by my favorite bookshop and found a cute children's picture book that helped generate ideas for my work later :D

• A beautiful flower book in the library where I worked all day today. The book was beautiful and a good reference for drawing poppy in the image above.

• 2 issues of Uppercase magazine I ordered from a Thai local bookshop arrived today. Beautiful! Can't wait to read them all :D

• A phone call to my mother whose voice was happy and healthy as always :)

Tell me, today what are you grateful for? :)