Sunday Sketch and my gratitude


Peaceful Sunday. I have tried to leave Sundays in my planner blank for each week. It's supposed to be no-work day but some Sundays I just can't help it :) It's going to be sketch-only day though so that I won't feel drained out too early next week.

Sunday sketch today is also my work, a new drawing collection. I call it 'secret garden' at first but maybe it doesn't completely go with other keywords I set for drawing which are flowers, fruits, birds and grateful. The theme of gratitude comes from a friend's post on my facebook feed about her husband noting down three things he felt grateful for each day. It's a common idea you hear constantly but it is really an idea that we tend to take it for granted especially when we are so busy with our lives. It's also strange that people tend to focus on bad things that happen rather than good things that we have.

I'm still working on how I present the theme in different formats. A Thank you card for sure and cute little gift tags. I also want to see it in bookplates and how about letter set? People write letters less but there are those who cherish the more intimate friendship activity and it would be nice if I can make some lovely paper that someone would love to put their writing on and send to their friends. I have just got a feedback from a customer who bought my Flower Kraft letter set saying that she can't wait to write letters to her pen pals. It's just a simple feedback but it struck me that my work could be a part of someone's loving activity and I feel really happy. To be honest, I'm still struggling with my sales on Etsy but you have to know that a short line feedback like this really keeps me going. I think this can fall in the gratitude theme :)

I think I need to get going and do some more sketches. I hope you enjoy my 365 days I draw project. I'm really far behind the schedule but believe me I'm trying to draw everyday :) There are two more posts I want to talk about Make Art That Sells class too. This needs organized thoughts and as I'm writing in English which is not my native language, it will take some time :)

Thanks for coming. Hope you have a merry weekend.