Merry DIY : 3 merry-style bookmarks instructions and templates

Last month I had a chance to do a DIY project for a book reading campaign. The project included 2 main bookmark and gift bag pieces and 3 small bookmark DIY for the campaign participants. I already talked about the main piece here on my blog, Merry DIY : Heart-air Balloon gift bag and bookmark. Today I have 3 merry-style DIY bookmarks for you!

These bookmarks are very simple to make on your own and with your kids. Since I will have some more DIY to add, I decided to have a section on this site especially for my ‘merry diy’. You can look around the section here. I already put DIY instructions for each bookmark in the section. Feel free to download the instructions and templates. If you enjoy making them, please send me pictures of your creation. Enjoy!

PS. I have the instructions in both Thai and English. Just click through the images and save the version you prefer :)


Merry Friday : working on a diy project


It's a bit cool this morning. A nice weather to begin a cute project. I am working on a diy project for a small book reading campaign. The concept is 'give books as gifts'. Going to have a little live workshop at a university next week too. A little nervous but I'm focusing and enjoying the project preparation right now :)

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