Watercolor painting practice


Hello my blog :) I am having problem with my eyes and cannot stay too long in front of computer screen. It's a bit frustrating that I have to work on my digital drawing at slower pace. However, I use this opportunity to work on my watercolor practice and really enjoy it. It's really art therapy. The painting above is my latest practice and the ones below are what I have so far. Remember, I 'm always on my facebook page and instagram drawing my draw everyday project. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for coming. Hope I can talk more about my new journey of watercolor painting soon.
Have a merry day!





sweet celebration work in progress and I'm setting my goal!


I'm still working on Make Art That Sells part B class assignments. As I mentioned in the previous posts, week 1 assignment is to design a holiday card with candies and ornaments as keywords. Since I'm working on this on my own (the class already ended last year) and there is no deadline, I decided to do a set of design for each week's topic. I have done a couple of illustrations and this one above is the third. The overall design is not yet completely finished. I need to make the pieces look more cohesive.

My goal for this year is to create a new portfolio website containing works done from this MATS class. It's going to be a big step for me as I determine to improve my overall design work, make it more presentable and professional. My work so far has been mainly book deign. I want to expand my career to illustration field now. So, I think I'm going to have to set a specific timeframe for this whole class assignment. There are 5 weeks assignments and I hope... I think I should use stronger word now... I MUST complete all 5 week assignments by the end of June! And then doing the website will be next.

So there I said it! It's quite scary to say it out loud. I'm not even sure I can make it. Although I don't think people will care much if I'm going to make it or not, making it publicly may help pushing me forward.

My problem right now is thinking too much. There always seems to be something that doesn't look right and I just keep changing and moving things around. I have to constantly remind myself not to spend too much time trying to be perfect. It's never going to happen. Finish this and move on!

Work in progress : candies forest


Work in progress after a week of not working. I had a terrible headache for several days. I realized I'm getting old now, not so young anymore. My body needs good nutrition and regular exercise. Yoga seems to be the best choice but I have neglected it for so long...

Just as I said earlier that this year was going to be the year of being offline. I was not quite so sure that I could be away from Facebook and the internet in general. Now I guess I could make it :D The world seems more peaceful and I could concentrate more on reading and making art.

I think I like myself better :)

This drawing is part of Make Art That Sells part B 2013 homework. It's still in progress and I guess it would be some time before it's all complete. I will write about my design process then :)

alphabet book work in progress

alphabet book work in progress

alphabet book work in progress

I'm working on a Thai alphabet book project. These are what I have done so far,
taking care of little details. This is my very first picture book. I'm quite excited
and hope it will turn out ok ;)

Life is getting into the direction I have always wanted it to be, to work mainly on illustration.
Right now I have only small projects but I determine to make it bigger in time :)
And I'm still learning, always learning. Make Art That Sells part B was already over.
I didn't have time to take the class when it's in session but I'm taking the class at my own pace
now and will start doing homework next week hopefully. Already have some sketches
for the first assignment :)

I'm also taking Year of the Fairy Tale online class with Carla Sonheim. Love, love the class.
So wonderful. It's a lovely way to nourish your creativity all through the year. I really
recommend it.

I realize how much I have missed blogging. I will try to write something, post my
daily work progress maybe, at the end of each day. It will be wonderful if I can do it.

Thanks for coming. Have a merry day :D

Behind the Lines and Colors : My Peace illustration, personalized bookplate and notebook


My merry bookplate design with illustration originally from one of my 365 days I draw sketches. The topic is PEACE.

What is peaceful to you? To me, peaceful means when I am at home with book or pencil and sketchbook in hand. When I take evening walks with my mom around my dad's garden and sit down on soft green grass when mom needs to rest. When we listen to the wind and little birds chirping in early mornings. When I do yoga to start the day and when I take my eyes from book I'm reading for a while to listen to quietness of night time.

I have been thinking about pattern in my art, meaning what I mostly have in my pieces. I guess swirly flowers may be that pattern. For this illustration, I drew the flowers first and imagined my little girl spending her time alone (with her little bear) in a tiny rowboat floating in a little pond after the rain. A book in her hand, a greeting from the butterfly and a glimpse of rainbow up in the sky. In her peace, my imaginary peace :)


When I took this sketch to put it into design, I decided not to add anything more, just change the colors to make overall picture brighter and more refreshing. I had dark green for flower stems first but liked this purplish blue better. I hope you like it too :)

This illustration is for sale on my MerryDay Etsy shop in various kind of product-- a set of personalized bookplates as well as One and Only Limited Edition MerryDay Notebook and also art print to brighten up your place.


I have just realized that having this shop and talking about my work process for each piece on this blog really help me in many ways. It keeps me on my track and when I look back and think of what I thought and did on each artwork, it seems that I see something new. I just hope I can carry it along and apply it to my next pieces :)

Thank you for coming and if you have just happened to be here, you can learn more about me with my post of the history of MerryDay here and other work process posts in Behind the Lines and Colors category :)

Blog Parade and the history of MerryDay

Today is Blog Parade day! It's a blog hop project initiated by Linda Tieu. The idea is for us, Make Art That Sells class fellow students, to get together and post on our blogs on the same day. Then we link to each other and kind of parade through all of them.  I get to know more people and you will get to know more wonderful artists too :D

Since, there will be new people coming here, I think it's appropriate to let them and you, my readers, learn more about me and my work. I remember writing the history of my drawings years ago. The post is about my drawing style development.  It was in year 2009 and I ended the post saying that I didn't feel like I found my obvious style yet. Now is 2013, after practicing drawing and learning, I think I have reached what I can call my own style finally. This post is about how I come to be MerryDay today.
MerryDay first drawing collection
My very first collection of MerryDay design.

So, after I wrote the the history of my drawings, I decided to open my Etsy shop a few months later,  in January 2010.  The move is a combination of my cleverness and stupidity. The clever part is that I had thought about opening a shop since 2007 but never got enough confidence to do it. To finally start something even if you were not ready is what I have been grateful for because everything needs a beginning. If I hadn't opened the shop, my art would never have got a chance to be as it is today. The stupid part is that I didn't devote enough time to create new designs and promote them. I sold a few items and decided to put the shop on hold.

MerryDay collection in 2010

But it's always on my mind, I have a feeling that if I really put my heart on it, the shop should work. During the time I spent my time drawing and updating my work process on my facebook page. The page was set up to promote the shop at first but it gains followers by my daily drawings and especially my 365 days I draw project.

This is the 100th drawing of my 365 days I draw project. I have managed to 130 drawings so far. You can look at the whole collection on this flickr set

Having MerryDay Page and doing 365 days I draw are second best things I have done. I got a lot of encouragement from my page followers and I develop ways of thinking and drawing style I really enjoy through 365 days I draw. Then, from that project, I created a new drawing collection, made them into cards and stationery design and opened my etsy shop again.

MerryDay shop reopened in April 2013

My current drawing style. MerryDay Notebook, My Peace. Also available as personalized bookplates

So, this is my MerryDay story. I'm still learning and improving my design and my shop. They say that art style constantly changes as you grow. I don't know how my work will look like next year or years to come but right now I'm enjoying my work and always feeling happy with my order packaging time :D

Thanks for coming. Now that you have learn more about me, you may want to know more and be inspired by new artist?

Just hop over to my friend, Molly blog, won't you? :

Have a merry day!

Behind the Lines and Colors : Sweet Candies MerryDay Notebook


What do you usually draw or doodle in your spare time? I guess most of you draw flowers. I do too. It's like a simple common theme. Another most favorite topic I love to draw is sweet things : cake, donut, cupcake and specially sweet candies.

I love drawing candies. Mostly because they have a sense of happiness and merriment. You can feel happy just looking at different interesting shapes, bright and beautiful colors and especially cute and fun designed wrappers.

Above is my MerryDay's Notebook : Sweet Candies. The cover design is developed from my candies doodles, one of them done for Sketchbook Project 2011. The pink and black spread below.


I like playing with the wrappers' details, adding patterns, cute little faces and doing lettering. I thought I would design the notebook cover just like above close-up candies. But I found that the big, close-up drawings didn't go with other designs in my notebook collection, which has clean and airy feeling.

So, I made everything smaller, spread them out making it more like a pattern. I liked the overall look but was afraid that they would look too small and would not stand out. But when I tried printing it out, I really loved it!

I normally print my work at home using Epson Inkjet (affordable with great printing results). But I cannot make notebooks by myself. I sent the files to a printing service. The designs were printed digitally on nice, slightly textured white paper with blank, unlined paper sheets inside. They turned out so lovely that I almost wanted to keep them for myself :D


I also played with the back of the notebook. You can say that it's me drawing a candy here :)

The notebook is my MerryDay limited edition. It's for sale on my Etsy, just click on the link if you are interested to see more details :

MerryDay's notebook : Sweet Candies

You can also take a look at other notebook designs in the collection here :

MerryDay's notebooks limited collection

I hope you like my behind the scene here. I'm currently working on my new drawing collection, the Secret Garden. Each artwork has its own story and I will try my best to record it and post it here when it is launched.

Thanks so much for coming. Have a merry day :)


Work in progress : Bird sketches and letter set design

work in progress : secret garden

Further sketches for my current design project 'the secret garden' I already posted bird study on this blog. Now I'm adding characters and story. I'm thinking about a whole set of stationery design and already have a rough comp of letter set. The hardest part for me right now is that I was hardly at home last week and this week will be quite busy too. I'm always wondering how those artists with children could produce their art regularly. I don't have any kids and I seem to have a hard time finding a long proper hour to work on my creation each day. I think it will be something I have to figure out everyday.

Here a sneak peek of the letter set. I'm thinking I need to share more of my work in progress. It should be another way to push me to work harder to keep this blog going the same pace with my work and the other way around--posting work process may help push me to get the work finalized more quickly :)

Have a merry Monday!

work in progress : secret garden