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Cute pastel bird illustration on Redbubble

I have been in love with birds lately. I enjoy watching bird documentary on TV. Some birds have cute and funny characters and ways of living. Their beautiful colors and unique shapes inspire me to draw bird coloring pages for sale on my Etsy. I also plan to turn this bird coloring set into a coloring book in the future.

It seems that black and white outline coloring pages are not enough for bird collection. Yesterday I started another bird set this time in pastel-colored theme. This is the first one.

I enjoyed painting this on Procreate, my favorite program now, and turned it into products for sale on Redbubble. Hope to have a collection of 10-15 birds soon.

Redbubble is a print on demand site. They have all kind of products available and here are my favorite ones.

Acrylic block. I would love to order this myself.

If you love this cute bird, there are many more products to choose on this site. I will update more soon.

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