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Merry DIY : Cute Gnome Gift Cards

May I present my first DIY for CF FANS :D I’m currently in a mood of cute gnomes. Here is a very simple but fun project for you :)

For this DIY, you will need :

• 3 gnome templates (download free here** for CF FANS members you will get special

add-on in another download**

• White card stock paper for printing the templates

• Scissors

• Glue

• Coloring tools (colored pencils, markers etc. I used watercolor here)

• Scraps of ribbons

• Ice cream stick

Let’s have fun!

1.) Download the pdf templates and print on white stock A4 or Letter-size paper. There are 3 designs in the set.

2.) Plan your colors. I wanted to keep the 3 gnomes in the same set so I used limited colors. You can always paint whatever colors you like here. Have fun!

3.) Paint the design. Tips : Cut the paper into sections so that each drawing won’t get smudged while painting.

4.) Die-cut the design along the guide lines.

5.) Apply a little glue on wrist area not the whole arm. No glue on hand parts.

6.) Glue ice cream stick at the back. Decorate with ribbons.

7.) Write down your greetings on the mini card. Fold it up. Then insert the cupcake into the hands.

Now you have a cute gnome with his mini cupcake card! Try making the other 2 gnomes!

I enjoyed making these little gnomes and hope you will too :D

The art for CF FANS's next month will be in fairy tales theme. You will get coloring pages, colorful bonuses and cute fairy DIY at the end of the month. It will be fun!

For those who come across this post, if you like what you see here, please sign up by clicking on the image below and I will do my best to make your days merry :D


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