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Merry DIY : Hansel Gretel and Gingerbread house cute gift bags

Excited to share my very first DIY clip! Years ago I had a chance to do a DIY workshop at a college. At the time they had a team to record the workshop to make a clip too. After the recording, the cameraman asked me if I wanted to do a youtube channel. He said my work looked interesting and he’d like to work with me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have budget and I didn’t focus on DIY work at the time. Now that we can do video clips so easily, I decided to make my own using clip arts I have for sale to do the design. Here are the clips I made using my Hansel and Gretel clip art.

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The Hansel and Gretel clip art set is available in my shop here

Shop other cute clip arts with direct links here

This DIY is part of my CF FANS page, if you like what you see and love to have weekly coloring, cute clip arts and monthly DIY, sign up by clicking image below.

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