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Merry Pop-Up Scrapbook Workshop

Updated: May 2, 2021

*Reposted from November 3, 2015*

I just realize I have completely neglected this blog for 6 months already! While typing this I wonder if there's any chance I could come back to writing regularly as I always wanted to or I just could leave it forever. Since I decided not to put more pressure on my so-many-project life, I guess I could just continue posting on and off and hope I would finally stick to regular-posting habit someday :)

My life outside this blog continues as usual, with the main focus on art and creativity. I have chances to do different kind of freelance projects on digital illustrations which I hope to share more on this blog soon. I also do two more of my MerryDay workshops. The latest one is 'Merry Pop-Up Scrapbook' workshop just held last Sunday.

This workshop was different from my other workshops as I had a chance to collaborate with The Revol and two other paper art brands. One was DIY by Keng which sold paper accessories for scrapbooking, bookbinding, photo decorating and gift boxes. The other was Croco focusing on stickers, adhesive tapes and all the stationery items. This collaborative event was called 'Paper Art & Design' held in a cool cafe, FabCafe Bangkok which also had a 3-D printing service in the area. So this event, though small, was quite a cool opportunity for me :)

We decided to have 2 workshops in the event, one was accordion scrapbook hosted by DIY by Keng, the other was pop-up scrapbook by me, MerryDay :) Although we were doing the same scrapbook idea, the difference was that mine was handmade book set in which I prepared paper sheet and drawing templates for the participants and my main job was to teach them how to cut and fold to make simple but fun pop-up elements. Here is my sample work and below are photos of the event.

My own pop-up design as sample for the workshop. Close-up pictures below.

Gorgeous red of the FabCafe Bangkok front.

Inside the cafe.

Our event was held on November 1st so we still had these cute bats decor from the previous Halloween night :)

Lovely reception.

Here the merry space, calm and roomy ready for the mess!

Prepare to impress! I love putting out my MerryDay name cards. It's like I'm having beauty mission or something :)

While waiting for the start, let's browse the place. Here are simple but cute stands of DIY by Keng and Croco products.

For the paper art lovers. How cute the gift envelope is!

Colorful tapes for art decoration by Croco.

Origami roses folded with a single sheet of paper taught by one of the collaborators :)

I have my own MerryDay spot too! My Etsy shop is on vacation mode right now as I'm thinking about doing something different next year. I still have some items in stock. If you are interested in purchasing, feel free to contact me :)

Time to make art! I forgot to take pictures of pop-up step. Here are the coloring part.

Some enjoyed coloring on my template.

Other had fun with his own design :)

and it's really cool! :D

Coloring, sticking, playing

Enjoying baking her own cake.

Or building up a house of dream.

Or a whimsical castle!

Even a toilet!

And a pop-up basket :)

It seems everyone has fun!

Enjoy the merry mess :D

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