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MerryDay on Flow

**Reposted from March 20, 2015

Last year I was honored to be a guest blogger for FLOW magazine in the month of November.

I had seen some of my friends talked about FLOW and how its beauty had captured them for some time. I was thinking about ordering an issue as the magazine was not available for sale here in Thailand when I got the mail from Jeanette, one of the magazine's editor team. I was so excited and it was such a perfect timing as, at the time, I was really in a creative channel doing so many projects at the same time. I was so eager to share my art experiences.

If you have been following me from my old blog on Blogger or are one of my facebook and instagram followers, you may read this story already. This guest blogging is really important to me not only because it was my first time being on an international press, it was also a record of my true self, which I had just discovered. I had been working in creative field for many years but had never been confident in myself and my art. It was during the time that I made art and wrote about it for FLOW that I realized how I would want my creative life to be and in what directions I would take. Such clarity made me feel so relieved and happy.

Months have passed and I'm still working on my draw everyday project and feeling more confident with my watercolor practice. Whenever I feel confused, get sidetracked or anxious, I will think about what I wrote in these four posts. It turns out that what I wrote has become my life guideline now.

I hope these posts will inspire you in some ways. I have been contacted from some of FLOW readers who told me how my story inspired them. I was so glad. I love to be inspired and it is a great compliment and honor when someone tells me I'm inspiring them too!

Below are screen captures of each post. You can click on the detail links to read the original posts on FLOW.

Thank you so much for reading. If you have a project in mind and think my art style would fit, I'm always open for commissions :) Thanks again and have a merry day!


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