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My merry shower curtain on Society6

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

I had thought about selling my design on print on demand sites for years and even signed up for Society6 account but never added anything on the site until last year. Now I officially have my shop on Society6 called the.color.of.merry with some pattern design and cute illustration. I confess that I didn't take it seriously at first. Just thought that I would have another place as portfolio showcase and seeing my design in mockup products was quite fun and inspiring.

Then one day I got paid from Society6 and found out that someone had ordered a shower curtain featuring my kid art illustration! This is exciting for me as I never hoped for order of such big product. Imagine my merry kids in someone's bathroom :D

The earning is not much but enough to make me rethink about this kind of business. I never promoted this shop but what if I do and take it more seriously. I will have another beautiful portfolio site and hopefully earn some money :)

Take a look at my shop. See other products. Perhaps you will find something matches your wish. I will talk about other products more soon.

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s6_user = "merryday";

s6_format = "300x250";


<script type="text/javascript" src="">


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