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My very first coloring book on KDP Amazon : Little Romances

After several years of thinking and dreaming, I finally put my very first coloring book for sale on amazon.

This book‘s idea comes from a set of flowers with little people I drew for sale as digital coloring pages on my shop at Creative Fabrica. The pages got good feedbacks and I thought about selling it as a real book. It took me almost a year to gradually draw and collect enough pages for a book and took me some months before I finally had the courage to list it on Amazon. The hardest part is always the first step!

All 40 pages in this book are all new drawings in the theme of different flowers with little boy and girl as a couple, hence the name, ‘Little Romances’.

The book was first published on August 3. It took me a month and 2 weeks before I got the first sale (yeah!) Then I realized that getting myself to take action and publish the book was just the beginning. How to get people know my books is what I have to focus from now. Coming back to blogging is part of the process which I feel grateful for as I already missed being myself here.

Now I got 2 books on my author page. The second book is all about birds which I will talk about soon (it's my most favorite book). I initially aimed to have 5 books by the end of this year but I guess I may not make it as I have a neck sprain and need a rest now :(

Here are sample pages of the book :


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